For as long as man has existed, he has found ways to bring himself back into balance-- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

There are many paths to reacquainting ourselves with our best way of living.

I have chosen the oriental form of REIKI--

pronounced Ray-kee...

Years ago, a man named Mikao Usui wanted to convene with nature to find answers to his questions regarding healing his patients. He journeyed to a sacred mountain, and sat for days to receive the inspiration that he was so earnestly seeking...

After 21 days, he experienced a spiritual vision that gave him the information he needed to help the needy.

He began to utilize the information to enable his patients TO HEAL THEMSELVES. This is completely different than allopathic (western) medicine. He discovered that when the body is given a chance to heal itself, it will.

From 2000, I have been given the opportunity to attend classes to receive my Master level of REIKI...

I am honored to be included in the USUI lineage of REIKI Masters.

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