The crystals most associated with the 'six-sided' crystals are: AQUAMARINE--APATITE--

EMERALD--BERYL--MORGANITE, as well as others.

As I place these during the REIKI Treatment--their influence may enhance the effect in ways that I will explain here--if the client wishes to continue their effects after the treatment--wearing them after the treatment for a short or long period of time is advised.

The effect of hexagonal crystals is to enhance one's focus throughout the day--to minimize the pull of extraneous diversions, so as to improve productivity. It is perfect for the ADD/ADHD personality which is able to think of too many things at once: rendering them to seem incapable of narrowing the focus to one subject. During the REIKI Treatment this crystal would help to bring the client's attention to their ability to heal themselves in specific ways--rather than general ways--to focus on the true issue that is causing any blockages to well-being and balance.

They are a wonderful influence for the introduction of the fact that any obstacle (imbalance) can be discarded in any time frame desired--they provide the information that any and all miasms can be released with a minimum of effort, provided that one is ready and willing to do so.

This six-sided crystal encourages the development of the assuredness that it is best to keep one's focus on one's own healing process--that it is rarely the actions and words of others that influence us enough to keep us out of balance, or in dis-ease. To accept the fact we have encouraged the imbalance ourselves--and we can regain it again if we so choose.

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